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The Best Fashion Looks From Gucci's Aria Show

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4 models: a black-skinned woman wearing a long green dress. A white-skinned woman wearing a coat and boots with a floral pattern. A white-skinned woman wearing a green trouser-suit. A white-skinned man wearing a yellow velvet suit.

Styles from the Gucci Aria 2021 collection.


The new Gucci fashion collection is called Aria.

The designer is Alessandro Michele.

The different styles celebrate 100 years since Gucci started in Italy.

Celebrities Miley Cyrus, Serena Williams, Jared Leto, Lou Doillon, and Chinese pop star Kris Wu attended the virtual Aria fashion event.


Junior Fashion Editor Lulu Checked Out Gucci's New Collection

Our junior fashion editor Lulu checked out Gucci's new collection.

Lulu has selected her favorite outfits.

Here she shares her thoughts on fabrics, shapes, patterns, and looks.


You have to have a hot pink coat!

And the texture is beautiful.


All in brown and the same pattern.

I love how everything matches here.


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This coat is really long and heavy.

It reminds me of a king.


The colors remind me of Snow White.

He is powerful with the square shoulders.


I love the black top inside the crystal chains.

And I love the leather necklace that connects to everything.


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These are the best sunglasses.


I love the difference between the fabrics.

The black fabric is shiny.

The red fabric is translucent.

Translucent means:

It's possible to see through the fabric,

but what you see is blurred.


A purse shaped like a real heart and covered with yellow crystals.

This reminds me of Halloween, except the heart is yellow.


This outfit looks as if it is made from wall paper.


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I love the red velvet fabric.

The suit looks like something Doctor Who would wear.

Doctor Who is the main character in a science fiction TV series.


I love the horse riding helmet.

It's as if she's going to ride a horse.

I love that.


The yellow beads give a great feeling to the top.

And the skirt's pattern is very cool.


Wearing many necklaces like this is so the best!


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I love the top and the large necklace.


The zippers are matching lines.

I love the shine of the fabric too.


This outfit looks comfortable.

Especially the flowing pants.

I would wear it.


Gucci Launched the Aria Collection With a Video

Gucci launched the collection with a video.

The models first walk under the flashing spotlights of the runway.

Then they enter a dream world filled with golden sunshine.

The video contains flashing lights.

Some people may find the song lyrics offensive.


About Gucci:

Gucci makes luxury fashion.

Its products includes:

  • clothes

  • handbags

  • footwear

  • accessories

  • makeup

  • perfume

  • items for home decorating

In 2015 Alessandro Michele launched a new view on past Gucci designs.

He brought back Gucci classics like the double-G logo and the Jackie O. bag.

Gucci always includes pieces with horse riding gear.

Alessandro designs menswear with a feminine style.

He also re-introduced the geek-chic look.


Two square wall mirrors. Each one refelects a female applying masacara. One the right a woman with short light-blond hair,  sunglasses atop her head and a black, long-sleeved t-shirt. On the left a teenage girl with Down syndrome, shoulder-length, straight, fair hair.

Lulu and her mother, photographer Anna Grevenitis are a creative team.

They develop and create features together.

Lulu is a teenager with Down syndrome.

She loves fashion and fashion magazines.

See more photography by Anna on


Photos: @gucci on Instagram , Getty Images

*Quotes are edited to Easy to Read.*

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