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Ella the Wild Swimmer

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A woman standing in a river surrounded by trees. The water reaches just below her shoulders. She's wearing a pink swimsuit and black wolley hat. She's smiling into the camera, and looks very happy to be in the water.

Ella Foote is an English outdoor swim explorer.


Important to know:

  • Wild swimming is more difficult than in a swimming pool.

  • You have to learn how to swim safely in rivers, lakes, and the sea.

  • Start wild swimming with the support of an experienced guide.


Ella is a wild swimming guide.

A calm river surrounded by trees. The sun is shining. A women is standing in the waterwith her head tilted back and her eyes closed. The water reaches just below her shoulders.

Ella is a wild swim guide and Open Water Lifeguard.

Her company Dip Advisor has guided wild swims.

She teaches people about swimming in:

  • rivers

  • lakes

  • ponds

  • the sea


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A flat green landscape with some trees. In the center a calm river with a stone arched foot bridge. It's a sunny day with a blue sky. A women is swimming towards the camera and in the middle of the river.

Ella says wild swimming is an adventure:

  • Finding rivers or lakes to swim.

  • Exploring somewhere to safely get into the water.

  • Feeling the mud between your toes.

  • Getting into the cold water.

  • Seeing birds and plants that live by the water.

A calm river surrounded by trees and reeds. There's mist rising from the water. A women with a blue wollen hat is swimming away from the camera. She is looking back over her shoulder into the camera and smiling.

Wild swimming is more than just being in the water.

It is a beautiful feeling.


Ella understands that wild swimming can seem scary.

People can be worried about:

  • weeds

  • mud

  • swans

  • fish

  • not being able to see or touch the bottom

  • wearing just a swimsuit in public

Ella says: I talk to my clients before we get in the water.

She makes sure wild swimming is a safe and joyful experience for her clients.

Orange colored sunset over a broad, calm river surrounded by trees. Swimming away from the camera is a white-skinned woman wearing a grey and blue wollen bobble-hat.

Ella checks each swimmer's needs.

She chooses places to swim that fit her clients' experience.

She plans wild swims for people with disabilities.

Ella took a client swimming who is blind.

They loved the feeling of outdoor swimming.


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A calm river surrounded by trees. In the center, wading through the water is a white-skinned woman wearing a black swimsuit an a blue bobble-hat. The water reaches her waist.

Ella exploring a river after heavy rain.

A pond surrounded by dry reeds. With the water up to her shoulders, looking into the camera from a gap in the reeds is a white-skinned woman.

Ella's local spot to swim is a hidden pond.

She has to scramble through bushes to reach the pond.

A secluded spot with trees, shrubs and a small lake. A white skinned woman in a green swimsuit is diving into the water.

Wild swimming is an adventure.

A river surrounded by trees. On eye-level is a white-skinned woman with a wollen bobble-hat. She's swimming past the camera, smiling.

Photo: Roger Taylor

Ella swimming in the river Colne.


Ella swims all year round.

Aview between 2 trees and low-growing greenery: A woman floating in a pond, wearing a red swimsuit.

Ella swimming in springtime.


Blue summer sky, a green landscape with trees and a pond. A white-skinned woman floating on her back with her arms and legs stretched out. She's wearing a pink swimsuit.

Ella relaxing in the water on a hot summer day.


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A snowy landscape and a pond with ice floating in it. A white-skinned woman with the water ub to her chin is facing the camera. She's wearing a blue-wollen bobble-hat, is smiling and looks happy.

Ella swimming through ice and slush.


Ella swims all year.

Swimming in winter is enjoyable too.

You have to get used to the cold water.

With time it starts to feel really good.

A lake with trees in the background. The sun is rising through the mist. A white-skinned woman is swimming past the camera. She's wearing a blue bobble-hat and looking into the camera and smiling.

Ella wants to share the joy of wild swimming with you.

A pond surrounded by a green field and trees. Swimming, close to the camera is a white skinned woman. She's smiling and looks very happy.
2 white-skinned woman floating in water on their backs with arms and legs stretched out.

Photo: Roger Taylor


Ella posts photos of her swims on Instagram.

Looking at her photos you can feel the joy of wild swimming!

Follow Ella on Instagram: @ellachloeswims

Visit the Dip Advisor website.

A blue sky, a river surrounded by fields and trees. A white skinned woman in a black swimsuit is diving into the water.

Images: Ella Foote , Roger Taylor


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