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The Film Innocence

A man falls to his death in a care home.

Two brothers are possible suspects.

One of them lives at the home.

He has Down syndrome.

The other brother works at the home.

Who do you think is the killer?

The answer to the question is not just about how good the detective is.

Watch the thriller film Innocence to find out.

Films and TV shows do not usually include people with disabilities.

So, our understanding of them is limited, too.

They are often presented as victims or dependent on someone.

They are mostly standing aside, as things happen to them. .

It’s as if they have no control over their own lives.



The film’s director Ben Reid’s brother has Down syndrome.

They watch a lot of films together.

His brother wanted to watch films that include people with Down syndrome.

He wanted to see films showing people with Down syndrome as they are.

They can be strong.

They have powerful feelings.

They can commit mistakes.

They can be villains.

And they can be rebels too.


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