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Hilton Carter Has 300 Plants in His House

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Hilton Carter standing indoors in front aof a large window. He is surrounded by green plants.

Hilton Carter loves to decorate homes with plants.


Hilton Carter is an interior decorator.

He uses plants to decorate rooms.

He has about 300 plants in his house.

An regency style white chaise longue in front of a window, surrounded by plants.

A place to relax, surrounded by plants.


Hilton Carter told the Terrain blog:

Plants make a room feel joyful.

It feels good to be surrounded by plants.

A table lamp surrounded by plants. A dog is lying on the floor.

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A group of house plants being watered with a red watering can.

Most plants need to be watered at least once a week.


Hilton Carter gave Terrain advice about watering plants too.

Hilton Carter:

I water the plants during the weekends because then I have time.

Most plants need to be watered at least once a week.

Before I water, I stick my finger into the soil to check if it is dry or not.

I set my phone to remind me when to water the plants.

See the whole article on Terrain's website.

Hilton Carter standing in a plant shop. He is holding a plant in a pot in one arm. In his other hand is a bag with plants.

Ask the people at the shop how to care for the plants.

A window sill full of mostly small cactus plants.

Put plants that need more light next to the window.


The blog A Cup Of Jo asked which plants to choose.

Hilton Carter:

First, check how much light you get in your house.

Then go to the nursery or hardware store.

Ask the people there which plants suit the light in your house.

Ask them how to care for the plants.

See the whole article on A Cup Of Jo's website.

A livingroom. A brown leather sofa and coffee table on a rug. Book shelves on the wall with books. A large house plant in the forground. More plants in the background, in front of a window.

Place plants at different hights.


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A big plant hanging from the wall above a bed.

Hang plants from the wall if you have little space otherwise.


Dwell's magazine asked how to fit so many plants in a home.

Hilton Carter:

If you do not have much space, hang the plants up.

In our bedroom, I have hung a plant over our bed.

My wife made a hanging rope basket for the plant.

See the whole article on Dwell's website.

Hilton Carter wearing a blue baseball cap and a short sleeved patterned shirt. He is indoors carrying a huge plant in a pot.

Hilton says plants can be like life-long green friends.

Framed by big house plants, in front of two large windows, a round table with a vase of flowers. Four upholstered chairs round the table.

Learn how to propagate plants from home.

A pair of hands cutting a piece off a plant.

Propagate means:

Growing a new plant from pieces of a plant you already have.

Hilton Carter shows how to propagate plants in his online classes.

You can join from home with your computer or tablet.

The class is 1 and a half hours long.

The costs for 1 and a half hours class start at 40 US Dollars.

Hilton also has courses for private groups up to 30 people.

Find out more about Hilton Carter's online courses here.


Hilton Carter has published books about having plants at home:


The new book by Hilton Carter is called Wild Creations.

The cover of Hilton Carter's next book: Wild creations.

Hilton Carter's new book will be published in spring 2021.

The title of the book is: Wild Creations.

The book shows:

  • Inspiring plant projects

  • Plant Care Tips

  • Styling ideas for plants in your home


Follow Hilton Carter on Instagram: @hiltoncarter

You can buy art created by Hilton Carter here.


Photos: Hilton Carter on Instagram

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