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It Has Pockets!

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Author: Vijayalaxmi Hegde

A drawing of the Scott eVest jacket in the style of a raincoat. All the pockets are listed. Red lines point to where the pockets are.

This ScotteVest jacket for women has 20 pockets.


Women need pockets just like men do.

But women’s dresses usually don’t have pockets.

And even when they do have pockets, they are small.

Why so?

Women’s dresses used to have pockets.

This was so till the 18th century.

Then it they stopped making pockets in dresses.

Instead of pockets, women wore a belt over their clothes.

They attached everything that had been in pockets to the belt.


To solve the problem of no pockets, everything was carried attached to a belt.


Women’s bodies have curves.

People said women’s breasts and hips already made their dress bulge.

Pockets would make the dress uglier.

Pockets would cause form-fitting dresses to widen.


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Women should be able to decide if pockets spoil the look of a dress.

They want to choose between dresses that have pockets and those that don’t.

Right now there is not much choice.


Some people also say that women usually have handbags.

So they don’t need pockets.

But sometimes you may step out in a hurry.

You want to stuff your house keys and phone into a pocket.

You don’t need a handbag for this.

Just a pocket would be enough.


Pockets may seem like a small problem.

But every bit counts in making women’s lives easier.

A pocket is a simple, practical thing.

It also makes clothing the same for men and women.

And women want pockets.


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I usually wear salwar kameezes or informal trousers with short tops.

Only two of those have pockets.

Indian clothing or more feminine dresses are less likely to have pockets in India.

I make sure my daughters’ clothes are stitched with pockets.

They shall not go pocket-less into the world.


Women post clothes with proper pockets on Twitter.

Twitter post: I have a new vicar dress. It has POCKETS #pockets @collared. 3 photos. Kate is a young woman with shoulder-length blond, straight hair. She is wearing a black swing skirt dress with a vicars collar. The dress has a yellow seam. In one photo she has her hands in the pockets. In the others she is having fun posing like a fashion model. The post has 16.9 K likes.

Reverend Kate Bottley from England

Someone asked Reverend Kate what a vicar carries in their pockets.

She said:

  • Microphone

  • Tissues

  • Dog biscuits

  • Hand sanitizer

  • A mask

  • My phone

  • A pen


Laura Pausini

Singer Laura Pausini wore a dress with pockets to the Oscars.

She's proving elegant gowns don't have to go without pockets.


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Archna the Pocket Passionista

Archna has long brown hair. She is wearing a knee-lenght dress with vertical wavy stripes. She has her hands in the pocket.

Photo: Pocket Passionista on Instagram

Archna writes a blog about pockets.

The blog is called Pocket Passionista.

Passionista means someone who is passionate about something.

Archna once went to a store and picked up a dress.

She loved how it looked.

But she bought it because it had pockets.

Since then, she’s always looked out for dresses with pockets.

Archna also posts dresses with pockets on her Instagram account.

Archna has long straight black hair. She is walking down a street in the sun, wearing a turquoise patterned top and a black, down to the knee lenght skirt. She has her hands in the skirt pockets.

Photo: Pocket Passionista on Instagram

Archna wearing her skirt with pockets.

Archna designed this pretty skirt with pockets.

It is called the Pocket Passionista skirt.

You can buy the skirt on her website.


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ScotteVest jacket for the pocket crazy

A drawing of the Scott eVest jacket in the style of a raincoat. All the pockets are listed. Red lines point to where the pockets are.

This coat for women has 20 pockets.

ScotteVest makes clothes with many, many pockets.

The women’s clothes have many pockets.

Pockets are in the sleeves too.

Yet the the clothes look smart.


See where the 14 pockets are hidden in this hoodie.

Black-skinned woman with natural hair wearing a blck hoodie. Superimposed in the hoodie are illustrations of what fits into the pockets_ ipad, phone, pens, keys, camera, sunglasses, lipstick.

Photo: Scott eVest on Instagram


Scott Jordan started the company.

That was about 20 years ago.

He noticed that women's clothes could not carry our gadgets.

There were not enough pockets for other stuff like keys, change, sunglasses.

That’s when he had the idea of a jacket with many pockets.


This jacket has 19 pockets.

See more clothes with lots of pockets on ScotteVest's online shop.


This video shows why women's clothes stopped having pockets.


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Check these websites if you are looking for women's clothes with pockets:


Universal Standard

Radian jeans with large pockets



Svaha Origins

Unique Vintage



Pocket Passionista



Vijayalaxmi Hegde began her career as a journalist in India. She has been writing and editing in different capacities over the last 16 years. She has helped organizations communicate in plain language, notably a leading private sector bank in India.

At Easy to Read Magazine, she is the plain language and easy to read writer and editor.


Sources: The Guardian , Pockets Please , Bored Panda , GRAZIA , BBC News

*Quotes are edited to Easy to Read*


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