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It has Pockets! Part 2 - A Quick Fix

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It's difficult to find women's clothes with big enough pockets.

Thankfully there are a few companies that understand that women want pockets.

RealPocket founder Melissa invented a easy way to make pockets larger.


The RealPocket Kit

Showing what it needs to enlarge a pocket: fabric pocket, sockets, snap tops, a base, setter. You need scissors and a hammer.

Photo: RealPocket on Instagram


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Here's a quick fix for small pockets:

Make your existing pocket larger.

With the RealPocket kit you don't need to sew.

Photo 1: Scissors cutting the bottom of the front pocket of a pair of jeans- Photo 2: The fabric to attach is put in place.

Photo: RealPocket on Instagram


No Sewing - You Just Need a Hammer and Scissors

You will need a hammer and scissors.

Instructions with pictures on how to fix it are on the RealPocket website.

It needs no sewing.

The trouser must have a pocket.

The RealPocket kit comes with:

  • A fabric pocket

  • Sockets

  • Snap tops

  • A base

  • A setter

Go to the website to buy the kit:


Read why womens' clothes need pockets here.


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