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Lido Pimienta's Music Album "Miss Colombia"

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Lido Pimienta is a Colombian-Canadian musician and artist.

Lido Pimienta wearing a tall crystal tiara and a costume of bunched tulle in green, purple, yellow and pink. She's standing in front of purple curtains. On each side is  a multi-tiered cake with white icing and blue decoration.

The title of Lido Pimienta's newest music album is Miss Colombia.

Her music includes the following styles:

  • traditional

  • Afro-Colombian

  • electronic

  • synthpop

Synthpop is a type of pop music created with an electrical instrument. Lido learned how to make music from YouTube videos.

She built a music recording studio at her home.

She sings in Spanish and English.


Watch the music video of Lido Pimienta singing ‘Nada’.


Lido Pimienta grew up in Columbia.

Childhood photograph of Lido Pimienta. She's wearing a white dress and white hair decoration.

Lido Pimienta grew up in Barranquilla in Columbia.

She was a tomboy in her teen years.

Then, her family was preparing her sister to be a beauty queen.

It was an awkward time for Lido.

Some people were unkind to Lido because she is black.


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Lido Pimienta is brown-skinned and long black wavy hair. She standing outdoors in an open landscape, looking straight a t the camera. She's wearing a crown of large red and blue flowers, a black blouse and red skirt. She’s waving her arms as if they are dancing.

Lido Pimienta moved to Ontario, Canada when she was 19.

She met the musician Michael Ramey there.

She married him and had a child.

She was 21 then.

Lido Pimienta's music album La Papessa: Portrait of Lido Pimienta against a grren background. An lillustration of a circle with a white pattern around her head.

Lido Pimienta's music album La Papessa.


Lido Pimienta made a music album called La Papessa.

She won the 2017 Polaris Music Prize for this album.

The award included a cash prize of $50,000.

It showed that young mothers could be artists, too.

Lido Pimienta is brown-skinned. Her hair is black, long and in soft waves. She's kneeling in front of a blue and pink studio backdrop. She's holding two large bunches of flowers and her baby standing in front of her. The baby and Lido are smiling.

Lido takes her baby on her tours.

Other musicians ask her how she manages it.

She says she has no other way.

So, it’s a normal thing for her to do.


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Lido makes amazing artworks.

Different memory cards with paintings of colorful figures and patterns.

Memory Card Game by Lido Pimienta


See more artworks in Lido's online shop.

Lido says:

My drawings inspire my songs.

My dreams inspire my drawings.

And my everyday life inspires my dreams.

Lido Pimienta sitting on a bench. She's wearing a white veil with sparkles, an off the shoulder white chiffon dress with a floral pattern and is holding a bunch of white flowers on her lap.

Play this video and listen to Lido's beautiful voice.

The song Para Transcribir by Lido Pimienta



Watch the documentary about Lido making the music album Miss Colombia.

Lido Pimienta - The Road to Miss Colombia


Photos: Lido Pimienta on Instagram : Daniela Murillo Barranquilla.

Sources: WEPRESENT Canadian Art .

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