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Draft: Rosie Jones: Nobody on TV Looked Like Me

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Rosie Jones is a British comedian.


Rosie Jones is a British comedian.

She was born with cerebral palsy.

It slowed her speech.

People seeing that she has a disability would talk down to her.

So Rosie would crack a joke.

Then people changed their attitude.

They talked with Rosie just like they talked with anyone else.



Rosie says about people with disabilities:

"We are a flawed, brilliant, sexual, diverse group of people.

Do not underestimate, patronise or ignore us.


Rosie jokes about her disability.


At first it can be a bit difficult to understand what Rosie's saying.

But after listening for a short time, understanding everything easy.

Lots of people enjoy her comedy performances and television shows.

The audiences have become familiar with her style.

Her jokes get the all the attention.


Rosie Jones on stage on the TV show Jonathan Ross’ Comedy Club.

Rosie Jones on the Jonathan Ross Comedy Club TV show.


Rosie's comedy career began with inventing jokes for other comedians.

She started doing her own stand-up comedy performances in 2015.

Her first big break in comedy came at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe.

The Edinburgh Fringe is a performing arts festival in Scotland.


Rosie Jones won The Comedy Award.


People with disabilities hardly see people like themselves on television, stage or in movies.

That is why Rosie Jones wanted to be on TV.

She talks openly about her sexuality.

This often surprises people.


Rosie Jones sitting with a laptop on a table in front of her. In the foreground there is a hand holding a post-it note. On the note is written: More Sex. Rosie is gesturing thumbs up and smiling.

Rosie isn't afraid of talking about her sexuality.


Rosie told BBC Sounds podcast Duvet Days:

"Disabled people are often shown as victims.

They don’t have a sexuality."

Not seeing people like herself made it difficult for Rosie to accept that she was gay.



Performers with disabilities have to deal with additional problems.

Rosie explains:

“Many stages are at the top of stairs.

I’m an independent person.

But if there’s no railing I need help to get on stage.

That spoils my show.

With a railing I can get on to the stage just like other performers.”


Rosie Jones and Helen Bauer in the recording studio. They are sitting next to each other. Both are laughing and looking at each other. There are two microphones in front of them.

Rosie Jones and Helen Bauer recording their podcast.


Last year Rosie started a podcast.

The podcast is called "Daddy Look At Me".

She says:

“I always thought because I speak differently, the comedy world would be shut off.

I remember thinking ‘I could never do radio, or podcasts… and here we are’.”

Listen to the Daddy Look At Me podcast here.


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Photos: Rosie Jones , Daddy Look At Me Podcast

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