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The Blue Village

Easy to Read

The village of Juzcar is famous because all houses are painted blue.


A woman painting the outside of a house blue.


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A village on a hill amid trees. All houses are painted the same blue and have red roofs.

Juzcar is a village in the Andalusian mountains of Spain. All the houses are painted blue.


A man carrying a bucket of blue paint.


Why are the houses blue?

Because Sony made a movie called The Smurfs.

The Smurfs are blue cartoon figures.


The Smurfs are cartoon characters.


Sony wanted to paint a village blue to advertise the Smurf movie.

It chose the village Juzcar.

The houses in the village were white.


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At first the villagers didn't want their houses painted blue.

But then Sony offered to pay them.

That was fair, so the villagers agreed to have their houses painted blue.


A man admires the blue paint.


Sony promised to re-paint the houses white when the advertising was over.

But then Júzcar became famous as the blue village.

Tourists from all over the world were coming to see the blue village.

So the villagers of Júzcar decided to keep their houses blue.


A tourist visiting the famous blue village of Juzcar.


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