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The Companion Can Fly!

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This is the figure known as Companion.


The artist called KAWS flew a hot air balloon over Bristol in England.

The balloon figure is called Companion.

It's is 42 meters tall.

It will soon be going on a world tour.


The Companion taking off on the 16. May 2021.


KAWS invented the figure called Companion in 1999.

The Japanese toy company Bounty Hunter asked him to make toys for them.

So KAWS made the Companion.

He has since been using it in his art work.


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KAWS (left) standing in front of a resting Companion in Japan in 2019.


KAWS isn't His Real Name

KAWS real name is Brian Donnelly.

He chose the name KAWS because he liked the way these letters looked together.


The Companion figure hot air balloon is the first one to fly.


The artist KAWS.


From an early age, KAWS was a graffiti artist.

He marked buildings with his name.

Then he started adding cartoons to advertisements at bus shelters.

KAWS did not start his work in an art gallery.

He liked to do his art on the streets.

He felt that he could reach many more people this way.

KAWS was a background painter before he made the Companion.

He worked on Disney’s 101 Dalmations series and shows like Daria and Doug.


Kaws Became a Star in the Art World

KAWS 2021 exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum in New York City.


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A Kaws Painting Sold for 14.7 Million US Dollars

The painting "The KAWS Album" sold for 14.7 million US Dollars.


KAWS style is compared to famous artists like

In April 2019 a painting by KAWS sold for 14.7 million US Dollars.


Collectable toys by KAWS.


KAWS also produces collectables:

  • lamp shades

  • toys

  • hoodies with the Companion printed on it

  • other stuff like tea pots

They regularly sell out immediately.

The toy figures can cost about 250 US dollars.

A hoodie costs about 100 US dollars.


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The Companion has been shown all over the world.

A Companion waiting to be launched in Hong Kong's harbor.


The Companion created to float in Hong Kong's harbor.


KAWS testing the 40 meter long inflatable Companion in Tokyo, Japan.


The Companion resting on a camping ground in Japan.


The Companion flying in the sky over England.


KAWS new art exhibition is in the Mori Arts Center Gallery.

The gallery is in Tokyo, Japan

The exhibition is showing 150 artworks by KAWS.

Follow the exhibition on Instagram: @kaws_tokyo_first

Follow KAWS on Instagram: @kaws


Photo The KAWS Album: Sothebys. *Quotes are edited to Easy to Read.*


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