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ER The Nuns

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Black and white illustration of a nun - portrait. She's facing slightly to the left.


A group of nuns sold their convent Belgium.

Belgium is a country in Europe.

The weather is often cold and rainy.

Then the nuns went to live in the south of France.

The weather there is warm and sunny.


A town square with people walkig and on bikes. It's rining and some are carrying umbrellas. In the background 2 buses and old, historic buildings.

The nuns moved from rainy Belgium

to the sunny south of France.


The 8 nuns were seen leaving Belgium in two cars and an ambulance.

The ambulance was for a 93 year old nun, the oldest in their group.


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The nuns had sold their convent building for 1.4 million dollars.

The building was 600 years old.

With the money the nuns bought:

  • a castle in the south of France

  • race horses

  • 6 luxury cars with televisions inside

The Bishop in Belgium was surprised that the nuns had simply left.

He had known of the nuns’ plan to sell the convent.

He asked them not to sell it.

But the nuns ignored him.


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This is not a recent story.

It happened in 1990.

This year somebody wrote about it on Twitter.

Lots of people saw it.

Now the story of the nuns has become famous.


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