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Benin's Girl Group: The Star Feminine Band

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The Star Feminine Band members: 8 young black womenstanding outdoors, facing the camera with their musical instruments.

The Star Feminine Band


The Star Feminine Band are are girl group from Natitingou.

Natitingou is a city in the country of Benin, Africa.

The members of the Star Feminine Band are aged between 10 and 17.


Watch the video introducing The Star Feminine Band.


This is how the Star Feminine Band formed:

It began with professional musician André Balaguemon.

He wanted to start a band with female members.

André says:

I want girls to have opportunities to get ahead.

I wanted to show women are important in North Benin by founding a female orchestra.

He made a radio announcement that he was looking for members for a girl group.

He offered free music training too.

The girls heard the announcement on the local radio.

They didn't have music training.

They also didn’t have any musical instruments.

But they turned up for the training.

That’s how the 7 girls met and formed the Star Feminine Band.


The Star Feminine Band members: 8 young black women in traditional dress from Benin posing outdoors on stone steps. They are all wearing dresses with the same green and pink pattern.

The band members are:

Marguerite, Julienne, Grace, Urrice, Angélique, Anne, and Sandrine


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The Star Feminine Band members with their music teacher.

The Star Feminine Band and their music teacher André Balaguemon


André Balaguemon provided instruments.

The mayor of their city gave them a studio for rehearsals.

The girls got started right away.

André Balaguemon taught them to play the guitar, drums, and keyboards:

  • Angelique and Urrice play the drum and sing.

  • Marguerite plays the drum.

  • Sandrine plays the electric piano.

  • Grace plays the electric piano and sings.

  • Julienne plays the bass guitar.

  • Anne plays the guitar.

They recorded their first songs in a building attached to a museum.


Watch the video of the Star Feminine Bands song called Rew Be Me.


Their teacher André Balaguemon composes the songs.

But all seven band members bring their own ideas.

The girls rehearse several times a week.

They also continue to attend school.

The Star Feminine Band plays at many concerts in the region.

Their fans include women, parents of young children, and the elderly.

They sing in the languages of their African country Benin:

  • French

  • Waama

  • Ditamari

  • Bariba

  • Fon

Singing in more languages lets more people understand them.


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Watch the Star Feminine Band's music video Femme Africaine.

This song is called “Femme Africaine”.

It means “African woman” in French.

The song combines many African musical styles.

It encourage African women to be powerful and independent.

They sing:

Oh black woman, get up, don't sleep

You can become president of the republic.

You can become prime minister of the country

Get up, something must be done”

(Lyrics translated from French)


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Album cover of the Star Feminine Band. The band members are surrounded by a colorful geometric pattern.

The album Star Feminine Band.


The songs are part of their first album.

The album is called Star Feminine Band.

Buy the music album on Bandcamp.

Find out where to stream the album here .

Follow Star Feminine Band on Instagram: @starfeminineband

Watch their videos on YouTube.


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