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ER Tommy Jessop Stars in the Thriller Innocence

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Update: a part in a series about wartime bomber crews made by Hollywood legend Steven Spielberg.

The Film Innocence

A man falls to his death in a care home.

Two brothers are possible suspects.

One of them lives at the home.

The other brother works at the home.

Who do you think is the killer?

Watch the thriller film Innocence to find out.

Tommy Jessop plays the lead role in the film Innocence.

He did an interview with Easy to Read Magazine via email.



Tommy, since when have you been working as an actor?

My first role was 16 years ago.

I played a person called Adam.

He wanted to get a job as a chef and he needed a plan.

Next I played Ben in Coming Down the Mountain.

It was a film on BBC1.

It was a very exciting role.


What attracted you to a career as an actor?

I like to make the audience laugh and cry.

How did you get your first film part?

The filmmakers tested me six times for the same role.

But it was worth it.


In your latest film Innocence, you play the lead, Dylan.

How would you describe Dylan?

Dylan is a powerful and emotional person to play.

He is clever.

He plans ahead.


What attracted you to the role?

I like playing strong and emotional characters.

The film has some difficult to play scenes.

The story sends out a powerful message.


How do you prepare for a role?

I study the background by reading the script.

I find out more about the character and how he is feeling.

I know my lines by heart.

I often know other people’s lines too.

I have early nights when filming.

I eat healthily and have an exercise routine to keep fit and strong.


How does it feel when you see yourself in the first viewing of a film?

I look forward to seeing myself, but it can be overwhelming and embarrassing.


Which is your favorite movie?

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

  • Giri Haji

  • Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

  • Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalker

  • James Bond films

  • Johnny English


Which is your favorite TV show?

I enjoy watching amazing competitors show what they can do.


The BAFTA Elevate 2019 program supported actors from groups who are not represented enough in films.

How did it help you?

I learnt more about preparing for auditions.

In auditions actors show their acting skills to the filmmakers.

It was brilliant meeting people from the film industry.

I got to meet:

  • casting directors. They test and choose the actors for films.

  • film directors

  • writers

  • executive producers. They organize the making of films.


Which 5 guests would you invite to a dinner party?

  • Spanish tennis player Rafa Nadal

  • English playwright, poet and actor William Shakespeare A playwright is a person who writes plays for the stage.

  • English screenwriter and playwright Jack Thorne A screenwriter writes the script for films - the words that the actors speak.

  • English actor, theatre director and playwright Mark Rylance

  • English actor Eddy Redmayne


Do you want journalists to write that you are an actor with Down syndrome?

Or should they just write actor?

I’d just like to be mentioned as an actor.

Saying actor with Down syndrome is like putting a label on me.

It’s about time people stopped doing that.

It shouldn’t make a difference if we have Down syndrome.

I’m looking forward to a time when filmmakers realize we can play any role.


You've just played the part of Terry in the TV series called Line of Duty.

Do you have new projects planned?

Yes, I do.

I'm in series called Masters of the Air.

It's about airplane bomber crews in World War 2.

The film director is Steven Spielberg.

He one of the most successful film directors in history.


Watch the Film Innocence

Innocence has 55'000 views on YouTube.

Click here to watch the Innocence on YouTube.


Follow Tommy Jessop

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Tommy Jessop latest TV role is as Terry Boyles in the BBC series Line of Duty.


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