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Olympics: Best Photographs

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The Olympic Games is an international sports event.

The Olympic Games are usually held every 4 years.

Each time they are held in a different country.

This year the Olympic Games are in Tokyo, Japan.


See the best photographs from the Olympic games in Tokyo.


Sport: Surfing

Owen Wright of Team Australia

Owen Wright from Australia wins the men's Bronze Medal for surfing.

Six years ago the Australian surfer Owen Wright had an accident while surfing.

He injured his brain in the surfing accident.

After the accident he had to learn to walk and surf again.

Now he's won the Olympic bronze medal.


Sport: 200 Meter Sprint

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce competing in the women's 200m sprint.

She is in the Jamaican team.


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Sport: Sailing

Sailing teams from different countries.


Sport: Gymnastics

Mykayla Skinner in the Team of the United States of America.

She's training on the vault.


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Sport: Badminton

Pusarla V. Sindhu is in the Team from India.

Here she is playing against He Bing Jiao of Team China.


Sport: Water Polo

This is from the water polo match between the Team ROC and Team Hungary.


Sport: Archery

Areneo David is in the team from Malawi.


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Sport: Basketball

Here Japan is playing against Spain.

Rui Hachimura of the Team Japan is jumping and throwing the ball into the hoop.


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Sport: Mountain Bike

Thomas Pidcock from Great Britain is ahead of Mathias Flueckiger from Switzerland.


Sport: Weightlifting

Neisi Patricia Dajomes Barrera is in the team from Ecuador.

She is lifting 76 Kilogramms.


Sport: Table Tennis

China's players are called Xu Xin and Ma Long.

They are wearing red shirts.

The players from France are called Alexandre Cassin and Emmanuel Lebesson.

They are wearing blue shirts.


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Sport: Pole Vault

Armand Duplantis of the Team from Sweden won the gold medal.


Sport: 50m Freestyle Swimming

This is an underwater photograph of Pernille Blume.

She is in the team from Denmark.


Sport: Climbing

Mickael Mawem is in the climbing team from France.


Sport: Canoe Slalom

Jessica Fox is in the Team from Australia.

In canoe slalom the canoe has to pass between poles.


Sport: Fencing

Fencing is a sport with swords.

The fencers wear protective gear to avoid injuries.

The fencers here are:

  • on the left: Inna Deriglazova from the Team ROC

  • on the right: Lee Kiefer from the Team of the United States of America.


Sport: Triple Jump

On the left is Ana Peleteiro from Spain.

She came third in the Triple Jump and won a Bronze Medal.

In the middle is Yulimar Rojas from Venezuela.

She won and got the Gold Medal.

On the right is Patricia Mamona from Portugal.

She came second and won the Silver Medal.


Sport: Gymnastics

Max Whitlock is in Great Britain's team.

He is doing a routine on the Pommel Horse.


Sport: Hammer Throw

Here Malwina Kopron from Poland competes in the hammer throw final.

It is called hammer throw after an old Scottish sport.

In the modern version athletes throw a metal ball attached to a wire and handle.


Sport: Balance Beam

Simone Biles is in the Team from the United States of America.

The beam is only 10 centimeters wide.


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