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It Has Pockets! Part 2 - A Quick Fix

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It's almost impossible to find women's clothes with practical pockets. Thankfully there are a few brands that understand that women want pockets.

But until more come up with decent-sized pockets, here’s an easy and quick fix:

Attach a RealPocket to your existing pocket to make it deeper.

Showing what it needs to enlarge a pocket: fabric pocket, sockets, snap tops, a base, setter. You need scissors and a hammer.

Photo: RealPocket on Instagram


No Sewing - You Just Need a Hammer and Scissors

The RealPocket is a kit which comes with a pocket, sockets, snap tops, a base, and a setter. No sewing skills required - you just need a hammer and scissors to fix the pocket to your pants.

The website provides detailed instructions with pictures on how to fix it. It needs no sewing. But it only works if the trouser has a pocket.


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RealPocket founder Melissa came up with this idea when her friend’s phone was stolen right out of her hands. She felt that if her friend’s jeans had a big enough pocket, her phone would have fit in there.

The RealPocket kit comes with:

  • A fabric pocket

  • Sockets

  • Snap tops

  • A base

  • A setter

Find detailed instructions with pictures on how to fix the RealPocket on the website.

Photo 1: Scissors cutting the bottom of the front pocket of a pair of jeans- Photo 2: The fabric to attach is put in place.

Photo: RealPocket on Instagram

Go to the website to buy the kit:


Read why womens' clothes need pockets here.


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