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Part 2: Building Mobile Suit Gundam Gunpla Models

Plain English


Plastic models of the Mobile Suit Gundam are called Gunpla.

A white and red plastic Gunpla model with a gun and a shield.

Getting Started With Building Gunpla Models

A white and blue plastic Gunpla model with a gun.

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There's no need to buy expensive tools. The two basic tools you need for your first model are clippers and sandpaper.

Add further tools if you really get into Gunpla building. An “organizer” tray is recommended keep the parts sorted. See how to use the organizer here.

A frame with blue, red and yellow plastic pieces. A hand holding clippers is cutting off a plastic shield.





Take your time building the models.

A white, red and orange, transparent plastic Gunpla model with a gun and a shield.

Assembling Gunpla models isn't too difficult, but you need to focus. You might miss some details if you are not paying attention. Take your time building the models.

A pink and orange grey Gunpla model with a gun and a shield.

Your first attempt might not always be successful. But don’t lose heart. With practice your Gunpla building skills will increase. Remember that building Gunpla models requires patience. There are many pieces to assemble.


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A grey and purple plastic Gunpla model with a gun and a shield.

If you feel bored, just put the kit down. Come back to it when you feel like taking it up again. Building Gunpla is fun. It should not feel like a task.


This video explains the first things to know before you start.


Where To Buy Gunpla Model Kits

Next to each other, one viewed from the front, one from the backblack and grey plastic Gunpla model with a gun in each hand.

Prices for Mobile Suit Gundam Gunpla model kits are from 10 US Dollars to more than 100 US Dollars. You can buy Gunpla kits online. A good place to start looking for vendors for your country is this website.


Photos: Premium Bandai , Bandai Hobby Site

Sources: YouSeeGundam on YouTube , Bluefin Brands

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