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Oscars Weekend Fashion Looks

Plain English


This weekend the stars wore glamorous outfits.


Junior fashion editor Lulu checked out the Oscars weekend looks.

Enjoy looking at the fabulous styles she's chosen as her favorites!


ESSENCE Chief Strategy & Engagement Officer Latraviette Smith-Wilson

Latraviette Smith-Wilson onstage at the ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood Awards wearing TrufacebyGrace.

Latraviette's top looks like it is covered with so many buttons. It is so cool and also elegant. She is beautiful and cool.


ESSENCE CEO Caroline Wanga

ESSENCE CEO Caroline Wanga wears a jumpsuit by Jibri.

This is an amazing outfit. Multi-color metallic feathers! I love that it's a pant suit with the shoulder showing. And the bow-tie as an accessory is fabulous. She rocks!


Actress and singer Amanda Seyfried

At the Oscars Amanda Seyfried wears Armani Privé.

I love how the dress covers her. The fabric is going from Amanda's shoulders to her feet. She seems to be floating. It is perfect on her.


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Musician H.E.R.

H.E.R. won an Oscar for Original Song for "Fight For You" in the movie "Judas and The Black Messiah".

She wears an outfit by Dundas and jewelry by Chopard.

The glittery shine in H.E.R.s costume matches the shiny golden trophy. The veil covering her hair is majestic. Congratulations!


Actor, singer, and film producer Zendaya

Zendaya wears Valentino Haute Couture and Bulgari jewelry.

I love the yellow heels and long dress. The top looks like a bikini top. Zendaya looks youthful and happy. Her diamond necklace is fancy.


Hairstylist and special effects wig builder Mia Neal

Mia Neal won the Oscar for makeup and hair styling for the movie "Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom".

She wears a gown by CD Greene.

I love Mia's blue and shiny dress shaped like a wave.


Film director Chloé Zhao

Chloé Zhao won the Oscar for best film direction for the movie "Nomadland". She combines a Hermès dress with sneakers by the same designer.

Chloé is wearing white sneakers! I like how she looks comfortable. It's a mix between fashion and comfort. I love her braids too. Congratulations!


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Actor, writer and film director Colman Domingo

Colman Domingo in a Versace suit, Christian Louboutin shoes and David Yurman jewelry.

The pink shirt with the pink jacket and even pink pants! What a fashion statement! The golden buttons finish the look. I love it.


Actor Paul Raci and his wife and agent Liz Hanley Raci

Liz Hanley Raci on the red carpet with Paul Raci. He is the frontman of the Hands Of Doom ASL rock band. He uses American Sign Language while singing at the same time.

Another blue dress! She looks like Ariel, the little mermaid. I love all the fabric.


Film producer Gennie Rim

Gennie Rim wears a gown by Guo Pei.

I love the golden dragons wrapped around her chest. The black fabric flowing on the sides of her gown is special.


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The Creators of the Documentary Film Crip Camp

Judith Heumann wears Markarian.

Nicole Newnham in vintage 1965 Mr. Blackwell.

James LeBrecht in Gucci, with Sara Bolder.

Andraéa LaVant wears a dress by Oyemwen and earrings by Effortlessly Fly Girl.

Her dog is called Goji LaVant.

Everyone is wearing a lapel pin in memory of Crip Camp impact producer, Stacey Park.

The creators of the documentary film Crip Camp.

Judith Heumann (left) is wearing amazing red shoes. They add a flash of color to her outfit. And I love how Andraéa LaVant (right) and her service dog Goji have matching outfits. Very smart and sparkly.


Documentary filmmaker and photographer Sophia Nahli Allison (left)

Writer, film director and producer Janice Duncan (right)

Sophia Nahli Allison and Janice Duncan's documentary film "A Love Song for Latasha" was nominated for an Oscar. They are both wearing Valentino.

These looks are rad. The holes everywhere and patterns make you want to stare at it and see it move.


Actor and producer Glenn Close

Glenn Close wears Giorgio Armani Privé and Christian Louboutin shoes. Her jewelry is by Kwiat and Fred Leighton.

I love Glenn's long dress with the silver pattern. And the black pants, heels and gloves combination.


Comedian, actor and writer Travon Free and actor Zaria

Travon Free and actor Zaria chose to wear D&G. The inner lining of Travon's jacket has the names of U.S. African Americans shot and killed by the police on it.

Travon's suit looks like Batman, I love it. What Zaria is wearing is very fancy.


Actor Halle Berry

Halle Berry chose to wear D&G.

Halle Berry's gown looks like a flower opening up. Great dress!


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Sound engineer Michelle Couttolenc

Michelle Couttolenc won an Oscar for the movie "Sound of Metal". Her gown and mask are by Lila Masaryk.

It's beautiful how the mask and the top of the dress match.


Actor and film director Regina King

Regina King wears a dress by Louis Vuitton.

Regina looks wonderful, like a statue. The blue dresses were the best this year!


Fashion model Winnie Harlow

Winnie Harlow in a blue Georges Hobeika couture gown.

I just love Winnie! She looks fantastic. Her dress is shiny and wraps around her body and opens up. It goes well with the shoelaces wrapped around her leg.

I would wear this dress.


Two square wall mirrors. Each one refelects a female applying masacara. One the right a woman with short light-blond hair,  sunglasses atop her head and a black, long-sleeved t-shirt. On the left a teenage girl with Down syndrome, shoulder-length, straight, fair hair.

Lulu and her mother, photographer Anna Grevenitis are a creative team. They develop and create features together. Lulu is a teenager with Down syndrome. She loves fashion and fashion magazines.

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