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The Blue Village

Plain English


Júzcar is a village in the Andalusian mountains of Spain. Every house is painted blue.

The village of Juzcar is famous because all houses are painted blue.


In 2011 Sony were looking for an original idea to promote their movie "The Smurfs". They came up with the idea to paint the village of Júzcar blue.

The villagers did not agree to Sony’s request at first. But they changed their mind when Sony offered to pay them.


The Smurfs are blue dwarfs.


The villagers painted their house blue.


-------- Advert --------


A man carrying a bucket of blue paint.


Smurfs were painted on the walls and on signs.


A village on a hill amid trees. All houses are painted the same blue and have red roofs.

Sony had promised to re-paint the houses white after their marketing was over. When it returned to the village to do so, the villagers said it was not necessary. They would like to keep their houses blue.

Júzcar had gained fame as the “Smurf village” and attracted tourists from all over the world.

A tourist admires the blue paint.


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