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The Nuns With a Taste for the High Life

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Black and white illustration of a nun - portrait. She's facing slightly to the left.


A group of Belgian nuns sold their convent in cold, rainy Belgium. Newspapers reported they had moved to the warm and sunny south of France.


A town square with people walkig and on bikes. It's rining and some are carrying umbrellas. In the background 2 buses and old, historic buildings.

The nuns moved from rainy Belgium to

the sunny south of France.


The eight nuns were part of the Poor Sisters of Clara convent. They were seen leaving Belgium in two cars and an ambulance. The ambulance was for a 93-year-old nun, the oldest in their group.


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The nuns sold their convent building for $1.4 million. The building was 600 years old.

They bought a castle in the south of France, six luxury cars, including a Cadillac Seville and three white Mercedes-Benz equipped with phones and televisions. The nuns are also said to have bought some race horses.

The Bishop of Bruges said he was “most amazed” to hear that the nuns had simply left. He asked the Mother Superior to not sell the convent, but she didn‘t listen.


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Tickled by this story? Now, here’s the twist: this happened in 1990. It has gone viral on Twitter in 2021. The post has 15’800 likes.


Tweet: In 1990 8 nuns sold up their convent, bought a Mercedes, bet on racehorses and disappeared to the south of France.   I want to be clear that when I talk about inspirational women this is who I mean. Image of a newspaper cutting with the report about the nuns.


Photos: Pixabay: Nun 1 , Nun 2 , Bruges , Tarbes

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