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Press Release
New: Easy to Read Magazine

Press Release

Easy to Read Magazine

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Easy To Read Magazine

Just a bit of fun.

Entertainment that is easy to read and understand.

Press Release for immediate release.

Launch of the Easy to Read Magazine

Read about pop culture, lifestyle, celebrities, and curious facts.

1. Key Points

Easy to Read Magazine is a new online magazine.

The website is


Easy to Read online Magazine is for people who find regular texts difficult to read or understand. The stories and articles are in both Easy to Read and Plain English.

People living with conditions that cause reading difficulties choose the version that best makes reading a joyful experience.


The Easy to Read version has short sentences, explains unfamiliar words, and avoids unnecessary information.


The Plain English version is closer to standard texts, but avoids being overly complicated. It’s easy for the readers to find the information they want.

Click on the titles below to see feature examples in Easy Read:
A Stroke of Luck's Custom Designed Adidas Sneakers
Amazing Cars from the 1950s
What Is Cloudspotting?
Chantrise Holliman: My Favourite Fashion Item
How The Pizza Margherita Got Its Name
Ella the Wild Swimmer
Build Mobile Suit Gundam Gunpla Models
Lido Pimienta's Music Album "Miss Colombia"
Sports Pictures of the Week

Oscars Weekend Fashion Looks
Discovering Amazing Fungi in India

How To Be Glamorous If You Have To Stay in Bed

Hilton Carter Has 300 Plants in His House

Celebrities Proudly Wearing Crocs

See the Plain English versions here.


2. Caroline Webb, Easy to Read Magazine Founder and Chief Editor:



"Easy to Read Magazine is a website with editorial features in text that is easy to read and understand. The content is just a bit of fun: pop culture, lifestyle, curious facts.

It’s a website for people who find reading regular texts difficult and want an enjoyable distraction from daily cheerless news and worries.

However, the key point of Easy to Read Magazine is inclusion - full and equal participation in society of people with reading difficulties. The principle is: Having an informed opinion on trivial matters is essential to full and equal participation in society.


Easy to Read Magazine features the kind of topics you talk about when meeting up with friends. Its purpose is to provide information that enables people with reading difficulties to participate on an equal level in conversations about the latest pop culture topics. If verbal communication is difficult, showing friends the online article may be a substitute.


The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities states the right to understandable information.

The UN probably didn’t have the right to information about a celebrity’s new hairstyle in mind. But I would gladly stand up in front of the UN members to make a passionate speech about the importance of trivia."


Caroline Webb
Founder and Chief Editor, Easy to Read Magazine

3. Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Easy to Read Magazine?
    It’s a website with editorial content for people with reading difficulties. The texts are easy to read and understand. The website is:


  • How can I help people with reading difficulties find the website?

- Write about Easy to Read Magazine in your newsletter. Find images to download here.

- Share our posts with your followers on social media. 
Our username on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is @easytoreadmag.

- Share the website address with friends, support groups, organizations, caregivers, doctors, therapists.


  • What can I read about on the Easy to Read Magazine website?
    Just a bit of fun! Topics that amuse and entertain: pop culture, lifestyle, celebrities, curious facts.

  • When do you publish new articles?
    You’ll find something new to read every day.

  • Why don’t you display the Easy to Read certification label?
    Because we’re breaking the Easy to Read rules. The rules can’t be properly applied to responsive websites. We’ve developed and tested a format that works best with our content and over all devices.


  • What’s the easiest way to stay updated?
    Subscribe to the newsletter to get the latest stories by e-mail.
    Subscribe here.



4. Partnership with the Divas with Disabilities Project

The Divas with Disabilities Project is committed to increasing the authentic representation of black and brown women with visible disabilities in the media. Easy to Read Magazine is thrilled for the opportunity to work with the Divas with Disabilities Project!

DWD has provided an inspiring vision, expert guidance, and access to a network of fabulous black and brown women with disabilities. Thanks to DWD's support we are authentically representing black and brown women with disabilities in our editorial content.


4. Useful links to information about the Easy to Read Magazine



Easy to Read Magazine
Caroline Webb
Obere Kirchgasse 43 CH-5466 Kaiserstuhl Switzerland

Key Points
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How the Pizza Margherita Got Its Name

In 1889 a queen visited Naples in Italy.

Usually French food was served to kings and queens.

But this queen wanted to try out something new...

Fashion Series: Divas With Disabilities

Chantrise Holliman says about her style:

I can dress up when I want to, but I’m a jeans and tee-shirt kinda gal more often than not.

Celebrities Are Wearing Crocs

Crocs started selling shoes in 2002. Many people considered them ugly. Now celebrities like DJ Diplo wear them to make a bold fashion statement.

What is Cloudspotting?

Have you ever looked up at the sky and been amazed at the shapes that clouds take? The Cloud Appreciation Society is a worldwide group of cloudspotters. They love looking up at the sky and delighting in what the clouds are up to.

Amazing Cars From the 1950s